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Last night in my group session, I had 4 new enrollments.  Two came in with their "you aren't going to get me" attitude and straight game faces.  Half way through the orientation process of Thinking Matters, they were actually smiling and participating.  Thinking Matters gives so much opportunity to reach the unreachable people.  The open discussions and feedback from participants is the best.  

A few weeks ago one participant wrote on their progress note that Thinking Matters seems too invasive.  After all, talking about situations that caused them to get arrested or could have been arrested puts them in a vulnerable position.  Why would they want to "tell on" themselves?  Same person a week later, thanked me for helping them open up and share something they haven't been able to really talk about with others.  



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I have a girl in my jail group, barely spoke for 3 weeks, last week she was totally engaged.  She is not court ordered to complete the program but asked if she could finish in the community group when she is released.  It is interesting that she wants to complete the program on her own time.  Feels good to facilitate a program that people really engage in and want to complete.  Its almost as if they are forced to be there but then realize it is not like any other group therapy session, it is real. 

The material is only part of what motivates participants.  Pat yourself on the back for doing a the rest!  Congrats.


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