How do I stay current with material when I can't run groups?  



I work at a drop in center in Pontiac. I have not been giving the permission to run groups yet. As relevant as this material is to all kinds of recovery, I still can't use it in my daily work. How do I keep this fresh when I have no where to apply it? Please help!!!


Paul Viers

1 Answer

Hi Paul,

There are many ways to use Thinking Matters.  Some people use it as a self-help approach.  I use the concepts in my daily thinking.  I ask myself the questions I would ask a participant regularly.   When I'm not facilitating groups I have regular discussion with others who are familiar with the concepts, I remain alert for friend who are willing to discuss the concepts and I look for everyday situations that I think would challenge me (if it were to happen in a group).

Have you been doing anything that I haven't mentioned?




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